Mouth Guards

Custom Made Sports Mouth-guards

A blow to the face can send shock -waves though the skull, causing damage to teeth (including their roots) and fillings, crowns/ bridge work that might be present.  More severe injuries to the head can result in concussion, fracture of the jaw bone and damage to the jaw joint.

Any athlete playing contact sports is at risk of oral injuries such as, broken teeth, jaw injury, internal cuts to tongue and cheeks.

Such injuries can be prevented by using sports mouth-guards, custom made and professionally fitted by your dentist. We can even make mouth-guards to fit over fixed orthodontic appliances (train tracks).

Why choose a custom made mouth-guard rather than a ‘shop bought’ one?

  • They fit better and are much more comfortable to wear as they are made form an accurate impression of your mouth.
  • They can be up to 2.5mm thicker , acting as a shock absorber
  • Will not move during activity
  • Recommended by Oral Health Foundation

For more information about the right mouth guard for you or your children, consult Chartwell Dental Care – dental professionals.

It’s the right thing to do!!!

Child or adult, a mouth guard is essential for all athletes across a range of sports.

For groups of 20 or more, we will arrange a site visit at your school/sports club/team location within 10 miles of Chartwell.