Teeth Whitening

An attractive smile can take you a long way however, after years of eating, smoking and drinking coffee or tea, teeth can lose their brilliance.

Tooth whitening is an effective, safe and least destructive way of brightening your smile and helps remove staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

Despite various toothpastes available with added whitening to remove stains, they can’t change the actual colour underneath.

Just like the colour of your eyes and hair, the colour of your teeth is determined by your DNA and generally becomes more yellow as you get older which stain removing toothpaste can’t help alone.

Your dentist can help this by applying a bleaching agent to your teeth. This will whiten the teeth, giving you a sparkly white smile. This is a simple, harmless and painless procedure but always make sure your dentist supervises this treatment and avoid online kits as they may not fit your mouth exactly or in case bleaching isn’t for you especially if you have gum disease or crowns. For more information, please contact your dentist or reception.