The Benefits of Private Practice

Private dental care is a lot more affordable than you think. Chartwell Dental Care is an accredited Denplan Excel practice meaning that you can get our exceptional care for as little as £3.35 per week (that’s 44p per day)

NHS vs Private

The myth is that NHS dental care is completely free – this is simply not the case. The problem is that this misconception leads to a lot of confusion about what is covered under the NHS and what is not. The inescapable truth is that dental care under the NHS is constrained by available budgets and any non-standard treatment must be approved before it can proceed – further delaying your treatment. We have great respect for the NHS, however, we want to help you to understand the benefits of private dental care for you and your family:

Why choose Chartwell Dental Care 

  • It’s fast: you will never have to wait very long for an appointment with us and we will always accommodate your children. 
  • Full range of treatments: Our extensive range of in-house services mean that we can treat you faster, without having to refer you on and without having to call you back in once your treatment plan is authorised. 
  • Clear Pricing Structure: Before we start your treatment we will work out the most appropriate plan with youYou will always know exactly how much your treatment and how long it will take. Read our treatment information
  • State of the art equipment: We take pride in ensuring we have the very best equipment available to ensure you get the very best treatment. 
  • High-Quality Materials: Not all materials are created equal. Using the right materials can significantly lengthen the longevity and effectiveness of your treatment. 
  • Highly professional staff: Our staff are amazing! We only employ the best staff – you will notice the difference as soon as you walk in.

Affordable Dental Treatments at Chartwell Dental Care

Your dental health is vital to your general wellbeing, as well as looking and feeling great, but we understand that most people don’t save up for their dental care.

In most circumstances, individuals will have appropriate cover with Denplan. For this reason, if you are trying to understand how much your treatment will cost, we recommend that you read through the Denplan page as this contains a lot of useful information. The best approach though is to come in and talk to us so we can put together a plan for you. 

Here is a comparison of our independent fees vs Denplan:

Payment Methods

We accept most major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. However we do not accept American Express (AMEX).