“As the completion stages of my dental implant treatment are being reached, I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the final result. It is everything I hoped for and the fact that throughout the whole process over 18 months time, I cannot recall a time when I felt any real discomfort, is a testament to your skill and expertise.

I also appreciated the early discussions and correspondence with yourself which set out very clearly the different stages involved in the process, and our chats throughput the treatment were also very reassuring.

I am extremely grateful to yourself and Clayr for the care you have taken and the thoroughness of your work which has ensured that the treatment has been such a success.
I would certainly encourage any other patients who are contemplating implant treatment with yourself, to go ahead with confidence, as they will not be in better hands.”
Burton Morrison

“Thank you so much for making my dental implants such a positive experience, showing great care and consideration for the patient at every stage. That such a procedure could be done with so little discomfort for the patient is a great tribute to your skil and I fel privileged to have been a beneficiary of such knowledge and expertise. You created a pleasant relaxing atmosphere that put me at ease and inspired confidence by ensuring that each intricate stage of the work was carried out to perfection. Thank you once again.”
Mary Clark

“Since joining Chartwell in 1973 I have been delighted to have had three consummate, caring and highly skilled professionals looking after me in Jim Paton, Alasdair Wilson and currently Steve Foster. Well done Chartwell in providing a personal but high quality dental care. For most of my time at Chartwell I have been lucky to have Deirdre to look after me. If Carlsberg did Dental Nurses, I think ‘D’ would be their model.”
Ian W, joined Chartwell 1973

“I have always found the whole team at Chartwell to be very friendly and professional. I always feel at ease at my appointments and I love the waiting room – a lot of effort has been put into making visiting the Dentist a pleasant experience.”
Naomi C, joined Chartwell 2010

“I live in Japan, near Yokahama, and every time I return to Scotland to visit my family I come for an appointment here. The professionalism of all the staff is excellent, the atmosphere in the dental practice is just right, and I have absolute and complete trust in everyone at Chartwell to look after my teeth. I have 100% confidence in this practice.”
Douglas F, joined Chartwell 1978

“Pleasant, efficient and professional service.”
Elizabeth T joined Chartwell 2007

“It’s amazing how all at Chartwell go out of their way to do the best for me and my family.”
Gregh E. 2013

“Really pleased with the work that the dentist has done – have had no problems at all since.”
Anderton D 2013

“Delighted with the work that the dentist has done, I can’t stop looking in the mirror!”
Hall E 2014

“My grateful thanks to Ian McDonnell for giving me back my smile. His expertise and caring attitude helped me through the process of two implants and a bridge. I didn’t experience pain at any point of the procedure and my stock of paracetamol remains unused !! Clayr Doolan, Ian’s dental nurse, brightened up my visits and was a very effective support for Ian. Hopefully I won’t need any further implants but should the need arise, I won’t hesitate. Many many thanks.”
Sutherland. C, 2014