Westeron United FC 2008 Sponsorship

Chartwell Dental Care is pleased to announce they will be sponsoring the young girls and boys of Westeron United FC 2008 for the forthcoming season.

Chartwell are excited to become involved in youth football and appreciate what a fantastic way it is for children to explore and develop lifelong skills. Our commitment to youth sports is underpinned by our appreciation of the vital role exercise plays in promoting physical, mental and psychological health.

Here are some of the important benefits of playing youth football

  1. Promotes physical development
  2. Aids weight control
  3. Improves cardiovascular endurance
  4. Builds character
  5. Boosts self esteem
  6. Develops teamwork skills
  7. 7Promotes healthy competition

However there are also drawbacks of competitive sport and as well as encouraging our young ones, Chartwell are also able to help when things go wrong.
It used to be getting hurt as a young footballer was commonplace and often our starlets would be left bearing the scars to prove it. Injuries to our cherished one’s teeth can be distressing. Fortunately with advances in modern day dentistry, at Chartwell, we can repair almost any injury sustained on the field of play. However prevention is always better than cure and we recommend the use of a custom made mouthguard, which our team at Chartwell will be delighted to provide. Normally a short visit to assess the young one’s teeth followed by a simple mould is all that is required. Please feel free to give us a call if you think we can help.

We would like to wish everyone at Westerton United FC 2008 every success in the coming year.