Coronavirus/Covid -19 update

Update 07/05/2020

Daily life for everyone around the world has changed dramatically in a short space of time. Even though the Practice remains closed, as things begin to normalise it is important that we reflect and try to adapt to ensure that we take control and change the things we know will keep us safe. Things like washing your hands regularly and thoroughly and avoiding unnecessary travel or contact with others.

Your oral health continues to be important and although we should be more cautious going forward, we should not let recent events cause us to neglect this.

At Chartwell Dental Care the most important thing is patient safety and comfort, and that is why we may introduce the following measures to keep people safe while at the practice.

We will be booking patients appointments to ensure that the Practice and waiting areas are not overcrowded. We will do this by leaving suitable gaps between appointments, making sure that Patients can attend the practice while maintaining a suitable distance from one another in accordance with government guidelines.

We will also be looking at creating clinics for patients who are most vulnerable, to help minimize patient contact with others for this group whilst they are at the practice.

To further avoid overcrowding when you arrive at the practice, we may ask that you wait in your car or in a safe place outside of the practice until called in. If this is implemented we will notify you via your phone when you should enter the practice.

You will be required to fill in all relevant forms on your mobile phone before you enter the practice. This means that you will not have to touch a pen, paper, or any electronic device other than your own when you attend your appointment. This crucial step greatly reduces touchpoints at the practice. (You can watch a video on Patient Portal here)

Between all appointments the dental team will thoroughly disinfect the dental surgery, reducing the risk of patient exposure to anything harmful while they are in the chair.

And finally, as you leave the practice, we will ask that you pay by card, preferably contactless.

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